Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I like to move it...usually

I have always been one who likes to move. I enjoy physical activity - it clears my head, makes me feel better about life and gives me a sense of accomplishment. and those endorphins don't hurt either.

I've also been lucky enough to typically have a good friend who enjoys moving as well, and that makes even more enjoyable. (note: I do not talk when I run. excuse me while I try to breathe. I enjoy the company while trying to catch my breath post-cardio.)

in addition to all the great mental benefits, physical activity is also mega good for you physically. here are some health benefits of moving:

-prevents or slows atherosclerosis (aka - the buildup of plaque in your arteries. aka - cause of heart attacks, etc.)
-increases your HDL (which is your good cholesterol. and goes hand in hand with the above point)
-helps you maintain a healthy weight (durrr)
-lowers blood pressure (always good!)

I won't even go into why maintaining a healthy weight is good for you on soo many levels.

yes. hi, my name is ashley, and I like to exercise.

except for lately. lately I have wanted to do the opposite. lately I have wanted to:
-ignore my alarm when it goes off at 4:50 a.m.
-sleep until noon (hello, college self...nice to have you back. except not really.)
-wear bundly, warm, cuddly clothes at all times of the day/night. bonus points if the pants have an elastic waist.
-stay inside. preferably on the couch. preferably by my christmas tree, in the above outfit, under a heavy blanket.
-eat christmas goodies, like peppermint bark and christmas cake, while wearing the above outfit, in the above scenario.

ok you get the picture. it has been chilly (yes, I realize this is a relative term since I live in the south now), rainy and glum, and I have no motivation. zero. going on a run when it's 75 degrees and sunny outside is much more pleasant than bundling all up to travel to the YMCA to run a treadmill. fact. and, to top it off, my amazing accountability partner is out of town. yes, my physical health is at risk.

but then I remember how good it felt on monday morning to be drenched it sweat after spin class, and I want to go back.

motivation, I am summoning you. come. now. please. my waistline and overall health beckon you.

does anyone else have trouble with working out motivation in the winter? I want to hibernate. ok, I'm done now.

and to finish -

christmas photo of the day:

some things make me want to punch crazy christians in the face. this is one. more of these things are found here:

my paper chain says that there are 18 days until christmas. woohoo!

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Michelle said...

Ash, I love you and all your wonderful words of wisdom about health and nutrition! :)