Thursday, June 30, 2011


this weekend I am traveling a hop, skip and a jump to celebrate my best friend from childhood and her soon-to-be marriage. being the sentimental sap that I am, I have been looking through old notes and pictures and feeling a little ache in my heart. when you've been friends with someone K through life, you have more memories than you can actually remember.

I've been thinking about this a lot. in a month and a half I will be giving a speech at her wedding. you would think that going through life side-by-side with someone for 24 years would make writing a blurb in their honor quite easy. false.

how do you convey the absolutely huge impact someone has had on your life? how do you communicate all the memories? all the times she was there when I was a blubbering mess over some guy or silly situation? how do I translate summer bike rides, movie nights, charades, days at the lake, school projects, school dances, middle school crushes, slumber parties, graduation parties, college adventures, late night walks and talks, and a friendship that has now spanned several states, into something a room full of people can understand?? I wish I could relay the meaning in lying on the floor and giggling until our sides hurt. how we never lived further than a walking distance away from each other until we were 22. how that didn't change anything.

it feels like just yesterday we were rollerblading around our subdivision. just yesterday we were jumping in the leaves and staring up at the clouds. just yesterday we were riding the bus home from school and listening to "daydream believer". just yesterday we were making puffy paint shirts for homecoming week. just yesterday we were walking through the drive-through at taco bell in our little college town at 2 a.m. and just yesterday that I was confessing an embarrassing story to her.

...except that really was just yesterday.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hands and feet

today I was feeling pensive...

random thoughts o the day (some elaborated more than others):

1. no matter how stressed out I may feel on any given day at work, I shall not forget that I work for a wonderful company. a company that employs amazing people, invests in my future and, most importantly, feeds me frequently. example: today there was an apple pie in the break room with a note saying to look in the freezer for ice cream. I like treasure hunts like this. yes, yes I WOULD like to look in the freezer.

2. shopping for a friend's lingerie shower is infinitely less fun without another friend that is invited to said event. it is also infinitely more embarrassing. dear Spencer's Gifts, you may have made this girl feel more uncomfortable today than she has felt in quite awhile. dear Victoria's Secret, thank you for having a much calmer, classier shopping environment. I can't tell you how much my sanity and I appreciate it.

3. some days I can totally see God lift me out of a pit, even against my own will. today He used some of His faithful servants to do so. an unexpected lunch date with a co-worker to help me gain a better perspective? thank you. an encouraging text from a friend when I feel as though gouging my eyes out is a positive alternative to looking at my computer screen anymore? many thanks again, God. an unexpected and awesome conversation with a friend while needing a study break? God, I'd like your address so I can send a thank you card. I am blessed beyond measure to have all these hands and feet of Christ in my life. can I say it again? can I ever say it enough? thank you Lord!

4. lastly, today I bought my first pair of TOMS, and I'm excited. somewhere, someone who didn't have shoes can now have a pair. andddd of course I get to wear a mega-awesome pair of shoes now, too. so, maybe, in a very small way, I was able to act as the hands and feet of my Lord for a short moment. a very short moment. and maybe a selfish moment, too, because those TOMS are cute...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

first thought....well...of this blog

This morning I went to pilates (pilates at 5:30 a.m., mind you). And at 5:30 a.m., I wondered to myself: What is the better workout? Piking on a large red exercise ball, or laughing at myself while attempting such moves with my God-given grace and poise?

And of course, I also wondered what the HECK I was doing up at 5:30 a.m....