Thursday, November 10, 2011

laughing at life

sometimes it is just impossible not to laugh at yourself and life. you want examples, you say?

*you awaken to find your cat has positioned herself so that her bum is directly in your face. not a sitting down bum, but a standing bum. like bam! here's my bum-hole. thanks soph. love you too.

*you mislabel the penis on your reproductive system lab test. so sue me if I thought she was looking for something more specific. laugh it up, prof. heard, laugh it up.

*you knock your sheet of bobby pins into the toilet. seriously...what can you do when this happens but stare for a few seconds (did I really just do that? are my bobby pins really floating in my toilet?), muster up the strength to fish 'em out, throw 'em way, wash your hands, and then have a good giggle.

*you ask for someone's address (who you do not know well at all) so you can send them a thank you. a thank you for carrying all your crap from your old place to your new place. and when they ask you why you need this vital piece of info (I guess it's a legit question...I GUESS), your response is....drumroll's a good one....

clearly so I can stalk you better.

dear sarcasm and gut reactions, tone it down a bit please. k thanks. my goodness. I can't take myself anywhere.

off to etiquette school. catch ya later.

have y'all done anything embarrassing lately? funny? silly? clumsy?


Marci said...

Ohh... these things make me laugh! :)
How about when you say "shut up!" in church as everyone is silent, simply because you were amazed to see an awesome hidden logo secret? I would say that was embarrassing.

ashley said...

hahaha you say embarrassing, I say AWESOME. that made my day!