Monday, November 28, 2011

it's starting

it's christmastime y'all. officially. because it becomes official when the courthouse square in my little hometown in ohio looks like this:

james taylor christmas is playing on my itunes on repeat, I'm sipping peppermint coffee (aka christmas in a cup) and to top it off, the forecast is calling for snow. in ALABAMA.

sigh. this gives me the warm and fuzzies.

makes me want to curl up in a ball under a blanket with nothing but my christmas tree lit, a hot drink in my hand and a good book.

what are your favorite things about the christmas season?

ps - best surprise ever: coming home to find my wonderful roomie has put up our christmas tree. what is it about a christmas tree that can fill my heart with peace and joy all at once?

oh pps - I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! I surely did. thank you, delicious food, family, friends, laughing until my face hurts, harry potter marathons and black friday shopping sprees with momma for making my time in ohio fan-freaking-tastic.

ppps - nutrition tidbit for today (in the spirit of the presentation on coronary heart disease I'm making today) - omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart. they are commonly found in fish - so go eat some christmas salmon or trout.


Michelle said...

I love Christmas time too!! LOVE Christmas lights and warm cozy fuzzy feelings you get during this holiday!

P.S. That photo makes me want to visit your hometown. So cool!

h.dawn said...

btown at christmas is one of my holiday favorites, too! :)

i'll need to borrow that cd the next time i visit. i love your warm fuzzies.

ps- trout makes me think of the whos in whoville. even though we all know they ate roast beast, i imagine the health conscious had a delicious christmas trout.

ashley said...

I think this just means we'll have to schedule a southern trip up to btown, because I'm not gonna lie, btown is pretty much my favorite at christmastime.

hails - you visit, and I will offer up jt christmas cd. trade?

Marci said...

Ok, this is going to make me sound like a fatty (especially in lieu of your coronary heart disease paper...) but I LOVE the special Christmas goodies that are made each year in the Blackshear household: 1. buckeyes 2. oreo truffles 3. chocolate crinkles 4. Grandpa's iced sugar cookies 5. Treasure chest bars

ashley said...

ohhh my the first three might be MY favorite too! YUM. I've never had your g-pa's iced sugar cookies, nor do I know what treasure chest bars are, but I think we should change this.