Thursday, October 6, 2011

butterfly circus

a few nights ago, I watched a short film - the butterfly circus

now, I am not a huge fan of the circus. while I think some acts can be impressive, I can also tend to get bored. I like plays, musicals, etc. - shows that have a plot. plus, I think clowns are terrifying. so when a dear friend suggested this 20-minute movie, I was a little less than enthused. upon hearing her description of the plot, however, I warmed up to the idea...
a limbless man who is put on display at a circus as a freak - a story of redemption - a story of transformation, and the lies we believe about ourselves.

this story touched my heart and brought me to tears. how often do we hear lies from the world and believe them? how often does past experience tell us that we're not good enough - trash, even. these lies become ingrained in us so that when we hear something different - the truth - we scoff.  how preposterous. how could I be fearfully and wonderfully made? have you met me?

there are so many profound and beautiful spiritual parallels in this film. how we can use our personal struggles to help others overcome theirs. how God can take the ugly of this world and make it absolutely beautiful. absolutely wonderful. absolutely redeemed. and plus, there are no clowns. or if there are, they are used minimally and I barely remember them. promise.

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