Monday, October 10, 2011

weddings and 27 dresses

this weekend I traveled to south alabama to see two of my dear friends be forever joined in holy matrimony. it was beautiful. everything about the simple, lovely outdoor wedding in the park was just...perfect. while all the planning clearly paid off and the weather was gorgeous, the true beauty was gleaned from the sheer joy of the bride and groom. the two interacted at times as if they were in their own world, so caught up in their love for one another that nothing else mattered - no wedding jitters or last-minute-detail stress here. just the giddiest grin I've ever seen on the bride's face and tears of joy and absolute adoration from the groom. the bride even skipped down the aisle with her loving hubby after they were pronounced man and wife.

their story isn't one typical of most fairytales - they had some truly bitter moments along the way. they fought some ugly battles together and separately, and thought they were better off apart for a long, long time. this only makes the celebration all the more wonderful. oh the situations that can be redeemed and the bridges that love can build when we think they've been forever burnt. what joy this brings my heart!

a few of my coworkers have told me that I "remind them of the girl from that movie.....27 dresses".  at first this statement stung a bit - what are they trying to say??? but I am no longer offended. if I have 27 good friends that get married and live out a beautiful love story - how lucky am I to be surrounded by great examples of loving relationships? how lucky am I to get to be a part of their days? God has joined together people dear to my heart in wonderful relationships that glorify Him, and it's soo beautiful to see. I'm excited to see what He has in store for me.

anddddd the grateful list (that I've been majorly slacking on):
*the health of my grandma and others I love that I typically take for granted
*safe travels to and from south alabama
*the giant chocolate cake that resided in our break room at work on friday
*beautiful fall weather
*two words: pumpkin.loaf.

(yes, I realize things I'm grateful for often involve food...pretty.typical.)

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Michelle said...

Oh Ash, you are so positive and so great at seeing life from a different perspective! It amazes me how self-less you are sometimes and how much joy you have in life! You are awesome!