Saturday, September 24, 2011


sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed. lately, it's been more of a common occurrence.

how will I ever get xyz done?
I need to do this more.
I need to call so and so.
I need to clean. organize. straighten.
when is that due? (insert hyperventilation here)
how will I ever afford that?

a few nights ago these thoughts bombarded me. overtook me. left me almost breathless.

then, while half-heartedly reading in psalms, it jumped out at me. almost as if it was bolded and italicized on the page (it wasn't, in case you were wondering): "be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him"

be still. will everything get done???!

be still.

but...but...did you see my to-do list?

be still. 


when was the last time I gave you more than you could handle? be still.

ook. fine. God always has a trump card.

oh, and p.s. -

I am grateful for:
*beautiful fall weather and breathtaking sunsets
*laughing really hard with good friends I haven't seen in awhile
*frozen.yogurt. (this might be a recurring theme)
*my roommate being born (today was her birthday - and she left me note saying I could eat some of her cake - most.awesome.roommate.ever.)
*free museum day. seriously - coolest thing. today was marked by trips to the space and rocket center and sci-quest. yes, yes I'm a nerd, but how often do you get to walk through a mobile quarantine facility, create your own river and pretend you're a weather lady? pretty.stellar.

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