Thursday, February 23, 2012


I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I don't know what my life might look like in a week or  month. I guess, technically, nobody does.

normally this would freak me out. and I won't lie, it has a bit recently. it comes in waves...but oddly at the moment I have a strange peace. and I know that's actually not odd. or coincidental.

a peace that passes understanding is one of His gifts to us. another gift He has blessed me with are truths from His faithful servants.

here are a few words/prayers that have spoken to my heart this week from wise, Spirit-led people...
  • my job does not have to necessarily utilize my spiritual gifts.
  • God has taught me the difference between ministering to people and ministry.
  • may the Lord of all wisdom who knows the path of your life give you peace, discernment, and confidence.
  • He is guiding you. even when you don't have clarity. He is there.
  • the decision you make will be the one you need to make because you have the spirit within you that is directing your way.
I'm also learning that no one can make a decision for you. everyone probably has different opinions on what you should do, but you can't listen to them all. you have to live with the decisions you make, not anyone else.

health tip...I started watching "food matters" yesterday in a class and found it incredibly interesting (not sure I agree 100% with all that was said, but interesting). in this documentary, an old adage was reiterated with are what you eat.

sometimes I don't think about this. I think that food is just what I feel like eating at the time. but really, this food powers our bodies and sustains life. what kind of fuel are you giving it?

I went home and ate some veggies. dern health classes.


jenna said...

Dear Ashley,
I love you and am excited to see what God is laying out before you! It's going to be good. :)

Michelle said...

Amen to what Jenna said. :)