Friday, January 27, 2012

taken for granted

I was reading through old blog posts of my friend jenna, whom I love and am soo very thankful for, and it took me back to when I first moved to alabama...

I was reminded of how lonely I had been....and then how God provided me with some pretty fabulous people in my life.

reminded of how I thought I would never have "plans" again.

reminded of how I prayed, continuously, for a friend. any friend. preferably a girl friend. a girl friend who loved Jesus and who I could giggle and chat with. eat with. watch movies with.

I was reminded how that prayer was answered, first in the form of my now-roommate michelle. what a blessing she has been since that night we chatted for a few hours at panera! I can't tell you how thankful I am for her.

then He just continued to bless me with a wonderful community of friends. jenna and marci also became the friends that I had longed so desperately for. and since then, my cup has overflowed with amazing people He brought into my life.

I remember how new and fresh everything felt. scary, yes, but a time of growing. a time of learning. a time of trusting. and a time of God answering the prayers of His often weepy and whiny child.

when things/people/friendships become routine or comfortable or less-new, I tend to take them for granted. I tend to forget the way God has answered my prayers. and overlook the way He answers my prayers now.

I'm glad He decided to remind me today about the uhhhh-mazing people He's placed in my life since moving here (and of course the ones who were my life before that!).

a certain special one turns the big 2-5 this weekend!!  happy birthday, marci! you are pretty stellar, and I have no doubt that you will continue being stellar as quarter-century-old individual. fact.

anddd it's friday...I am also pretty thankful for that.


Marci said...

Awww... Ash. I am very grateful for our friendship and the fact that we could both connect over "hey I'm new to this sci-fi city too, let's be friends please" :)

A certain man who is dear to my heart whose name rhymes with "hint" dared to say that after 25, it all goes downhill, and I refuse to believe that. 25 feels like it will be a great year of new adventures, memories, and hopefully more 1/2 price DQ days??!

ashley said...

haha he clearly does not know how fun we are. I am pretty sure 25 will be even BETTER than 24. yep.

Michelle said...

It def. does not go downhill! I've had a great 26 year!! :) Ash--YOU are an answer to a prayer too--a great roomie and friend. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have a great roomie like you to bombard you with late night conversations. :)