Thursday, August 25, 2011


even though I sometimes wish I was at my apt. relaxing, I really do love doing things and being around people that are not in my normal routine. more will probably come on that later, as I've thought a lot about that this week (first week of new classes for fall semester-woohoo!). however, I just felt the need to document this short blurp in my day.

while standing in line to buy A&P II notebook:

kid in front of me: "I'm taking math this semester. Ain't gone be hard, though. Math ain't done never been hard for me."

my horrible, judgmental mind (silently, of course): "english...however..."

but before I could fully form this thought -

kid in front of me: "english is rough, though. I'm no good at that."

there we have it. it was all I could do not to giggle out loud in the bookstore. I hope this does not make me a horrible person. in fact, this gentleman and I shared a common thought at the same moment! and I give him kudos for knowing his strong points and weak areas. seriously. that is a real man.

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